Online Discussion Forum November 2005

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Why Network?

Advice About Networking

  1. Stay in contact with previous colleagues & classmates
  2. Join and comment on listserves
  3. Join committees. NMRT is a good start.
  4. Give presentations or write an article- do anything to get your name out.
  5. Find a mentor- NMRT Mentoring Committee's Career Mentoring Program is a
    good place to start. For further information and to apply, visit

Networking Tips

  1. Remember to keep track of the people you have met.
  2. Carry a business card with you.
  3. Remember to be gracious in your contact with others. You never know who
    might be able to help you or who you will run into later. It's a small world
    after all.
  4. You can network if you are not a social butterfly. Some people even find
    networking easier than socializing. Just remember networking is always
    focused on work, where socializing has no focus. It can also help to find a
    concrete reason to talk to someone by asking them a question or making a

Gaining Practical Experience Outside of School

  • Volunteer at a local library
  • Find an internship
  • E-mail or call local libraries in your area to find out about
  • You may have to accept unpaid positions to get the experience you will need
    to find a job later on.
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