2005-2006 Topics and Summaries

November 2005  - Networking - discussion led by Larissa Gordon and Sophia Harrison

January 2006 - Making a Career Change to Librarianship - discussion led by Loretta Dunne and Sara Russell Gonzalez

February 2006 - Additional Post-Graduate Degrees, discussion led by Ely Anderson and Elizabeth Crownfield

March 2006 – Mentoring/Residency Programs, discussion led by Kristina DeVoe

April 2006 – Conferences, discussion led by Katie Dunneback

November 2006 - Job Hunting - The ethics of job hunting and researching institutions - discussion led by Alexis Linoski

December 2006 - Preparing effective resumes and cover letters, interview skills, and how to get interview feedback - discussion led by Karen Kohn and Fiona Bradley

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