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NMRT-L Discussion List Topics: (for an archive of the discussions through May 2002, please see http://sciencelibrarian.tripod.com/archive1.htm)

Month Discussion Topic

September 2002:

Homeland Security Issues
October 2002: Travel Funding/Tips
November 2002: The New ALA undefined Allied Association
January 2003: Mentoring
February 2003: Time Management
March 2003: Career Advice
April 2003: Library Recruitment Internationally
May 2003: How to Make the Most out of Committee Appointments
Discussion List Topics


NMRTBD Discussion List Topics:

NMRTBD discussion list topics November:
  • Planning Reports
  • Funding Proposal for Mid-Winter Activities
  • NMRTPossible Reresentation at 3rd Professional Congress
  • Future Directions for  NMRT Scholarship and Travel Grants
  • Budget/Vendor Support


NMRT WRITER Monthly Topics 2002-2003 (The link to NMRT Writer goes to the last saved version of the page available through The Wayback Machine.)

NMRT Writer Monthly Topics
Month & Year Category A:
Category B:
Paper Ideas
November 2002 How does a new writer find mentors for articles? Multiculturalism and diversity in libraries:
What methods do libraries employ to maintain a diverse workforce? To reach diverse populations of users? What are the pros & cons of these methods?
December 2002 What factors does a writer consider when writing an article (choose journal first &then write article or find journal with best fit for article)? The "New Library" and the "New Librarian":
We've heard a lot of talk about "information centers," "joint-use" facilities, and other types of new 21st-century names for libraries. How are these new libraries different from the old ones and how are they the same? Have or how have these facilities challenged our shared values or ethics as librarians? Are we facing new, unforseen challenges as a result?
January 2003 Style guidleines: What language works and what doesn't work? Distance Education of Librarians (or other disciplines if desired):
What advantages does distance education have over traditional, classroom-based learning? What are the consequences, both good and bad, of distance education? How does/should this affect curriculum design?
February 2003 What support is out there for new writers and how does one find partners to write articles with? (If you're looking for co-author on a topic, queries are encouraged during this month). Collaboration and Partnerships:
What types of collaboration are going on inside the library? In what ways are libraries or librarians forming partnerships with entities outside libraries (on campus, in the local community, with other libraries, etc.)?
March 2003 Attention all editors: what are some mistakes that writers frequently make that can be easily avoided? The Librarian as Educator:
In what ways have new technologies directly or indirectly impacted our roles as educators (in all types of libraries)? Are new technologies promoting library services and our roles as educators? Are we doing less educational or subject-specific work now and more computer or access troubleshooting as a result?
April 2003 Does the format of the publication matter important for new writers (peer-reviewed e-journal vs. print)? Reference Service Models:
What models are currently being practiced (traditional desk reference, tiered reference service, etc.) What modes of delivery are being practiced (email, virtual, phone, etc.)? How do we assess the success of these reference services? If these reference services have been addressed, are they effective in their respective environments?