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A critical analysis of library and information service architecture

CHICAGO — In their new book “Information Systems: Process and Practice,” published by Facet Publishing and available through the ALA Store, editors Christine Urquhart, Faten Hamad, Dina Tbaishat, and Alison Yeoman argue that library assessment literature has primarily dealt with performance measurement and change management strategies, paying scant attention to the ways of looking at the process architecture of

ALA Council Adopts Library Bill of Rights Interpretation on Visual and Performing Arts

ALA Council adopted a Library Bill of Rights interpretation at the 2018 ALA Midwinter Meeting that emphasizes the role art plays in libraries and states libraries should present a broad spectrum of viewpoints in developing art exhibits and programs.  

A definitive handbook of library architecture

CHICAGO — Distilling hard fought wisdom gleaned from hundreds of successful library construction projects they've supervised or coordinated, Fred Schlipf and John A. Moorman present “The Practical Handbook of Library Architecture: Creating Building Spaces that Work,” published by ALA Editions. With a special emphasis on avoiding common problems in library design, in a down-to-earth manner they address a range of issues applicable to any undertaking.

Understanding Accessibility Challenges for Patrons

CHICAGO - The Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA) is excited to announce the update of 15 Library Accessibility Toolkits to help better serve patrons. These toolkits were developed to help library professionals understand the challenges and opportunities presented by issues of equitable access for library users.

eForum: Assessing Electronic Reference Services

CHICAGO - Have you been wondering if your users are aware of your chat service? Or maybe how your students are using your research guides or your online FAQ? Do you need a little inspiration or advice on how to find out? If so, this Assessing Electronic Reference Services eForum is for you!