Professional Resources

A guidebook for building political support for library funding

CHICAGO — Library funding is political. And the struggle to secure funding is ongoing; the work that librarians need to do to influence local politics doesn't just pop up in the few months before Election Day. It should span the years before or between elections. John Chrastka and Patrick “PC” Sweeney’s new book “Before the Ballot: Building Political Support for Library Funding,” published by ALA Neal-Schuman, speaks directly to librarians, library staff, and boards.

New grab-and-go readers’ advisory pamphlets cover popular genres

CHICAGO — Drawn from the insights of RA experts Neal Wyatt and Joyce G. Saricks, ALA Editions’ new Resources for Readers pamphlets will help library users find their next favorite book. Sold in packs of 100 for $14.99/pack, they cover the following popular genres:

Information Rights for Records Managers

CHICAGO — Records managers have tended to find themselves given the responsibility for managing requests under the Freedom of Information (FOI) and Data Protection Acts (DPA), without necessarily having training and/or an academic background in legal studies.

Record-keeping in an information culture

CHICAGO — Can archives and records management still make a distinctive contribution in the 21st century, or are they now being dissolved into a wider world of information governance? What should be our conceptual understanding of records in the digital era? What are the practical implications of the information revolution for the work of archivists and records managers?

Imagining the archive of the future

CHICAGO — “Archival Futures,” published by Facet Publishing and available through the ALA Store, draws on a range of international experts to consider the current archival landscape and imagine the archive of the future. Edited by Caroline Brown, it offers thought provoking and accessible chapters that aim to challenge and inspire archivists globally and to encourage debate.

ALCTS surveys digital preservation in libraries

CHICAGO — In today’s information landscape, there are fewer topics that more urgently demand expansive discourse than digital preservation, which touches on everything from technology to copyright.

A guide to research data management

CHICAGO — Research Data Management (RDM) has become a professional topic of great importance internationally following changes in scholarship and government policies about the sharing of research data.

How to judge a book by its cover—and everything else

CHICAGO — Paying attention to subtext is a crucial component of literacy. However, the concept of peritextual analysis takes such examination much further, teaching readers how to evaluate information and sources using elements that precede or follow the body of the text. A work’s Preface, Afterword, index, dust jacket, promotional blurbs, and bibliography are only some of the elements that can be used to help readers connect with and understand the main text.