Apply for LIS Scholarships from LITA

For Immediate Release
Wed, 10/21/2015


Jenny Levine

Executive Director


Library and Information Technology Association (LITA)

(312) 280-4267

CHICAGO — The Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), a division of the American Library Association, is pleased to announce that applications are being accepted for three scholarships:

The scholarships are designed to encourage the entry of qualified persons into the library technology field. The committees seek those who plan to follow a career in library and information technology, who demonstrate potential leadership, who hold a strong commitment to the use of automated systems in libraries and, for the minority scholarships, those who are qualified members of a principal minority group (American Indian or Alaskan native, Asian or Pacific Islander, African-American or Hispanic).

Candidates should illustrate their qualifications for the scholarships with a statement indicating the nature of their library experience, letters of reference and a personal statement of the applicant’s view of what he or she can bring to the profession, with particular emphasis on experiences that indicate potential for leadership and commitment to library automation. Winners must have been accepted to an ALA recognized MLS Program.

You can apply for LITA scholarships through the single online application hosted by the ALA Scholarship Program.

References, transcripts and other documents must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2016, for consideration. All materials should be submitted to

American Library Association
Scholarship Clearinghouse
c/o Human Resource Development & Recruitment
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL  60611-2795

The winners will be announced at the LITA President’s Program at the 2016 ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida.