Gamification in the library, an ALA Editions eCourse

For Immediate Release
Thu, 04/02/2015


Liz Steiner

Marketing Manager

ALA Publishing

CHICAGO — ALA Editions announces a new workshop, Transforming the Library through Gamification with expert on library systems management Bohyun Kim. This workshop will last 90 minutes and is hosted live at 2:30 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, May 6, 2015.

Gamification is not about playing games—it’s about taking the theories and principles behind games and applying them to the professional world to increase staff participation and efficiency.

In this workshop, Bohyun Kim, an expert on library systems management, will demonstrate how gamification can be applied to a wide variety of library services. She will help you examine the application of gamification for education and libraries; improve existing gamification projects; or design new gamification projects – either as a marketing, engagement or pedagogical tool in libraries.

Using both business and library real-world examples, she will explain how these basic principles can help you transform your services and staff from the reference desk to the break room!

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • understand why gamification is an important trend to continue with to make a significant impact on education and libraries;
  • gain familiarity with a number of examples of gamification in businesses, education and libraries and be able to use them as a reference point in developing your own gamification ideas;
  • gain a conceptual understanding of gamification and the three building blocks of gamification (game mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics) and how they work together to generate increased engagement and motivation;
  • Understand several important variables in designing and implementing gamification successfully and build an awareness of the relevant critiques directed at gamification used as a pedagogical tool.

About the Instructor:
Bohyun Kim is the associate director for Library Applications and Knowledge Systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Health Sciences and Human Services Library. She is the author of "The Library Mobile Experience: Practices and User Expectations" (Chicago: ALA TechSource, 2013). She was one of the selected panelists for the "Top Technology Trends" program at the ALA Annual Conference in 2014. She regularly tweets at @bohyunkim, serves as the editor and writer of the ACRL TechConnect Blog and also writes on her professional blog, Library Hat. She holds a Master's degree in philosophy from Harvard University and another Master's degree in library and information science from Simmons College.

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