United for Libraries welcomes Texas public library groups as members

For Immediate Release
Mon, 08/25/2014


Jillian Kalonick

Markting/Public Relations Specialist

United for Libraries


PHILADELPHIA — Hundreds of Friends of the Library groups, Foundations and Boards of Trustees in Texas are now group members of United for Libraries, thanks to a statewide membership purchase by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Texas joins Nebraska, Kansas and North Dakota in purchasing memberships for the libraries in their states.

“We are excited that through our partnership with United for Libraries, Texas libraries will have access to the rich resources developed by United for Libraries for library advocacy, volunteer development, and much more,” said Texas State Librarian Mark Smith. “This is a big win for Texas public library staff, Trustees, Friends, and Foundations.”

Texas libraries will receive membership for both their Boards of Trustees and their Friends group and/or Foundation. In addition to the standard United for Libraries membership benefits, statewide purchases include full access to the Trustee Academy, a series of online courses to help library Trustees become exceptionally proficient in their roles on behalf of their libraries, and the the webcast series “Engaging Volunteers for Libraries and Friends.” A librarian or library staff member at each location also receives full access to all digital resources.

For a complete list of United for Libraries membership benefits, and to join as an individual, group or library, visit www.ala.org/united/membership/mbrbenefits.United for Libraries offers discounted pricing for states or library systems that want to purchase membership for their libraries. For information about purchasing United for Libraries membership for a state or library system, please contact United for Libraries’ Director of Marketing & Communications Beth Nawalinski at (800) 545-2433, ext. 2161, or bnawalinski@ala.org.

United for Libraries: The Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations, is a division of the American Library Association that supports those who govern, promote, advocate, and fundraise for libraries. United for Libraries brings together library Trustees, advocates, Friends, and Foundations into a partnership that creates a powerful force for libraries in the 21st century. For more information or to join United for Libraries, visit the United for Libraries website or contact Jillian Kalonick at (312) 280-2161 or jkalonick@ala.org.