2014 Carnegie-Whitney Grant Award winners

For Immediate Release
Tue, 04/08/2014


Mary Jo Bolduc

Grant Administrator

American Library Association



CHICAGO — The Carnegie-Whitney Grant provides grants for the preparation, either in print and/or electronically, of popular or scholarly reading lists, webliographies, indexes and other guides to library resources that will be useful to users of all types of libraries in the United States. 

The American Library Association Publishing Committee is proud to announce the 2014 Carnegie-Whitney Award winners, whose proposed projects promote reading or the use of library resources.

Lauren Causey:Annotated Bibliography of Diverse Nonfiction Children's and Young Adult Literature in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Ruby Cheesman:LDS Fiction Database: A Selected List

Pingsheng Chen:Welcome to America: A Resource Guide for Language, Culture, and Citizenship for ESL Students and Educators

Keren Dali:Biblio or Therapy? An Annotated Bibliography on Bibliotherapy for Librarians

John DeLooper and Clifford Brooks:Opera and Children's Literature - A Comprehensive Bibliiography

Jennifer France:The Essential Wooden Boat Building Reading List

Rachel Isaac-Menard:The Use of Architecture for Political Means in the US - A Multi-Disciplinary Research Guide and Webliography for Scholars

Melissa Fisher Isaacs:Religion in Kansas Project

Amy Levine:Booktalk Podcasts for Young Adults

Claudette Newhall:Cotton Mather: An Annotated Bibliography

Danielle Renee Reed:Flavor Science - Online Bibliography

Beth Walker:Annotated Manga/Graphic Novel Bibliography

You can view the list of past award winners is available on the ALA website.

Applications for the next cycle must be received by Nov. 7, 2014. Recipients will be notified by the end of February 2015.

Visit the ALA website for information and guidelines or contact Mary Jo Bolduc, Grant Administrator, American Library Association, 50 E. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611; Fax (312) 280-5275; email: mbolduc@ala.org.