Delivering research data management services

For Immediate Release
Tue, 03/04/2014


Rob Christopher

Marketing Coordinator

ALA Publishing


CHICAGO — The research landscape is changing, with key global research funders now requiring institutions to demonstrate how they will preserve and share research data. “Delivering Research Data Management Services: Fundamentals of Good Practice,” published by Facet Publishing and available through the ALA Store, is a groundbreaking guide that leads researchers, institutions and policymakers through the processes needed to set up and run effective institutional research data management  (RDM) services. Edited by Graham Pryor, Sarah Jones and Angus Whyte, it provides a step-by-step explanation of the components for an institutional service. Case studies from newly emerging service infrastructures in the UK, USA and Australia spotlight the range of different approaches institutions are taking, from researcher-focused strategies to a national, top-down approach. An informative window on an emerging area of practice, chapters include:

  • a patchwork of change: research data provision;
  • options and approaches to research data management (RDM) service provision;
  • who’s doing data? A spectrum of roles, responsibilities and competencies;
  • a pathway to sustainable research data services: from scoping to sustainability;
  • the range and components of RDM infrastructure and services;
  • case study 1: Johns Hopkins University;
  • case study 2: University of Southampton;
  • case study 3: Monash University;
  • case study 4: The UK Data Service;
  • case study 5: Jisc Managing Research Data programs.

Pryor is an information management consultant with the Amor Group, a Lockheed Martin company, having previously held senior positions with the Digital Curation Center (DCC), University of Aberdeen, and BP Exploration. His principal interest is in the behavioral issues that influence and determine data management strategies in both the private and public sectors. Jones is a senior information support officer with the Digital Curation Center (DCC). She supports universities to implement research data management services and delivers a range of RDM tools, guidance and training materials. Whyte is a senior institutional support officer in the Digital Curation Center (DCC). He works alongside partners in UK universities to improve services that support researchers and other stakeholders in data management, and has authored guidelines and articles on a range of data issues.

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