PR Forum 2013: The $84 Question: Why libraries matter and can do more in the era of e-books, social media and branding

For Immediate Release
Tue, 05/14/2013


Megan McFarlane

Campaign Coordinator

Public Information Office (PIO)


CHICAGO — David Vinjamuri, brand expert and New York University (NYU) professor, will speak at the 2013 PR Forum from 8:30-10 a.m., Sunday, June 30.

In January 2013, Mr. Vinjamuri wrote a two-part post about libraries and e-books on his blog.  Vinjamuri’s presentation will focus on the importance on branding in libraries, as well as the role of e-books.

He is the president of ThirdWay Brand Trainers, a contributor to Forbes magazine and adjunct instructor of marketing at NYU, as well as the author of “Accidental Branding: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Brands” and the novel “Operator.”  

The PR Forum will be held at the McCormick Place in room S402a.

The annual PR Forum, one of the most anticipated programs about library public relations and marketing at the ALA Annual Conference, is coordinated by the ALA Public Awareness Committee.