Examine library services in juvenile detention centers in a new article at the Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults

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CHICAGO — In “Critical Issues in Juvenile Detention Center Libraries,” a new paper posted at the Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults, Jeanie Austin discusses the challenges that staff face in juvenile detention center libraries and argues for libraries to take a more active role in societal and political change. JRLYA is published on a continuous basis by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) at http://yalsa.ala.org/jrlya.

Austin’s paper was originally presented at ALA's 2012 Midwinter Meeting during YALSA's Midwinter Paper Presentation event on Trends Impacting Young Adult Services. The YALSA Midwinter Paper Presentation is an annual event sponsored by past presidents of YALSA to provide a venue for educators, librarians, students and others interested in young adult librarianship to gather and explore a topic of current interest that impacts the field. 

The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults,  a peer-reviewed, open access online research journal, promotes and publishes high-quality original research concerning the informational and developmental needs of young adults; the management, implementation, and evaluation of library services for young adults; and other critical issues relevant to librarians who work with young adults. The journal also includes literary and cultural analysis of classic and contemporary writing for young adults. You can sign up for email updates whenever there’s a new issue at http://yalsa.ala.org/jrlya (signup form is in the right-hand navigation).

JRLYA is currently accepting manuscripts based on original qualitative or quantitative research, an innovative conceptual framework, or a substantial literature review that opens new areas of inquiry and investigation. Case studies and works of literary analysis are also welcome. The journal recognizes the contributions other disciplines make to expanding and enriching theory, research, and practice in young adult library services and encourages submissions from researchers, students, and practitioners in all fields.

Please direct any manuscripts, questions, or comments to Editor Sandra Hughes-Hassell at yalsaresearch@gmail.com.

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