Create Accessible Library Training

For Immediate Release
Wed, 03/11/2020


Ninah Moore

Program Officer-Continuing Education


(312) 280-4398

Training and support is offered by libraries as resources and services change with the introduction of new technology, community needs, and changing user demographics. Often, librarians are tasked with teaching about the new resources and services for which they are primarily responsible. Effective instruction is necessary for library users to use the new resources and services.

In the Association of Specialized, Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA) course "Using Universal Design for Learning to Create Learning and Training Opportunities for All" participants will learn how to apply Universal Design for Learning (Meyer and Rose) to design training programs for library users. Universal Design for Learning is an approach for creating instruction that meets the needs of all learners. Learning about Universal Design for Learning will allow course participants to design effective training for all library users. 

This course is ideal for library staff who conduct training sessions but is also relevant to all staff who provide training and learning opportunity and by the end of the course participants will be able to provide multiple means of engagement for library users in training sessions; provide multiple means of representation for library users in training sessions; provide multiple means of action and expression for library users in training sessions; and create learning activities using the principles of Universal Design for Learning. 

The instructor, Lauren Hays, PhD., is an assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at the University of Central Missouri and was previously the Instructional and Research Librarian at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olatha, KS.

Register here today as this 4- week course begins on Monday, April 6, 2020! 

The Association of Specialized, Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA) is a division of the American Library Association. ASGCLA is the premier destination for membes to find information and build capacity to serve populations that are served by state library agencies, federal libraries, armed forces libraries, specialized libraries, library cooperatives, library networks and library consultants among others. ASGCLA focuses on providing a voice and advocating for libraries serving populations that are underserved such as those with sensory, physical, health or behavioral conditions, those who are incarcerated or detained and more. Member activity is centered around our interest groups.