Call for ASGCLA 2020 Achievement Award Nominations

For Immediate Release
Thu, 01/09/2020


Shuntai Sykes

Membership & Programs Specialist


The Association of Specialized Government and Cooperative Library Agencies is seeking nominations for their 8th annual awards.

  • Is there any one you know that could be worthy of consideration?
  • Any library in your area that has been excelling in this work?

As you consider the options and are looking for ways to celebrate your own staff, please keep the following awards in mind:

Cathleen Bourdon Service Award | (Nomination form)

This award is a citation is presented to an ASGCLA personal member for outstanding service and leadership to the division. The award recognizes sustained leadership and exceptional service through participation in activities which have enhanced the stature, reputation, and overall strength of ASGCLA; and representation of ASGCLA to other appropriate organizations, institutions, or governmental agencies.

ASGCLA Exceptional Service Award | (Nomination form)

This award is given to recognize exceptional service to patients, to the home bound, to people of all ages who live in group homes or residences, and to inmates, as well as to recognize professional leadership, effective interpretation of programs, pioneering activity, and significant research of experimental projects. ASGCLA Exceptional Service Award is a citation.

Federal Achievement Award | (Nomination form)

This award recognizes an individual for achievement in the promotion of library and information service and the information profession in the Federal community. Those nominated need not be members of ASGCLA. Federal Achievement Award is a citation.

Federal Rising Stars Initiative | (Nomination form)

This award, administered by the ASGCLA, highlights the achievements of those new to the profession. Rising Stars are those people who display a passion for the profession, both at work and via volunteer or association activities. Federal Rising Stars Initiative is a citation.

Francis Joseph Campbell Award | (Nomination form)

A citation and a medal are presented to a person or institution that has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of library service for people with physical disabilities and/or physical impairments. This contribution may take the form of an imaginative and constructive program in a particular library; a recognized contribution to the national library program for blind persons; creative participation in library associations or organizations that advance reading for the blind; a significant publication or writing in the field; imaginative contribution to library administration, reference, circulation, selection, acquisitions, or technical services; or any activity of recognized importance. Visit the website for the Royal National College for the Blind to read more about Francis Joseph Campbell, for whom this award is named.

ASGCLA/Keystone Library Automation System (KLAS) National Organization on Disability (NOD) Award | (Nomination form)

Awarded to a library organization that has provided services for people with disabilities. The award recognizes an innovative and well-organized project which successfully developed or expanded services for people with disabilities. The award can be for a specific service(s) program or for a library that has made their total services more accessible through changing physical and/or attitudinal barriers. Award includes $1,000 and a citation for the winning library organization. Sponsored by Keystone Systems, Inc.

ASGCLA Leadership & Professional Achievement Award | (Nomination form)

This prestigious award is presented to one or more ASGCLA members (personal or organizational) exemplifying leadership and achievement in one or more of the following areas: consulting, library cooperation, networking, statewide services and programs and state library development. The ASGCLA Leadership & Professional Achievement Award is a citation.


New this year, nominations for ASGCLA Awards are submitted online. Award nominations are due by Sunday, March 1, 2020. If you have any questions regarding submissions, please feel free to email or the ASGCLA Awards Committee Chair, John Barnett, at