New Project Outcome for Academic Libraries toolkit launches

For Immediate Release
Fri, 04/05/2019


Sara Goek

Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow and Program Manager


CHICAGO - The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) is pleased to announce the launch of Project Outcome for Academic Libraries. Based on a model developed by the Public Library Association (PLA), this free toolkit is designed to help academic libraries understand and share the impact of essential library programs and services by providing simple surveys and an easy-to-use process for measuring and analyzing outcomes. The standardized surveys allow libraries to aggregate their outcome data and analyze trends over time by service topic and program type. Training and resources are provided to participating libraries so they can use data-driven results to advocate for their library. 

The surveys were developed by ACRL’s Project Outcome for Academic Libraries Task Force, whose members come from a range of academic library types, from community colleges to research institutions. 

“This background allowed the task force to reshape the PLA Project Outcome measures into a survey toolkit that will work for any sized academic library, public or private,” noted task force chair Eric Ackermann of Radford University. Project Outcome for Academic Libraries, Ackermann continued, “fills a gap in the academic library assessment arsenal by providing a much-needed toolkit to libraries without staff experienced in survey design or assessment, nor the funding to acquire it, yet are required (or desire) to assess and improve their programs. It also can complement the work of libraries that already have assessment processes in place.”

“ACRL is delighted to provide this important tool to academic librarians so that they may make informed, data-driven decisions to develop the programs and services needed by their communities,” ACRL Executive Director Mary Ellen K. Davis added. “Project Outcome builds on ACRL’s Value of Academic Libraries initiative and provides a tool for comparing outcomes nationwide. We appreciate the opportunity to expand PLA’s Project Outcome to serve academic libraries and look forward to our continued collaborations with them.”  

Project Outcome for Academic Libraries is free for academic and research librarians, as well as library school students, in the United States and internationally. Visit the Project Outcome for Academic Libraries website to register. 


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