ALA councilors elected

For Immediate Release
Wed, 04/10/2019


Sheryl Reyes

Designate Director, Governance


American Library Association


CHICAGO – 38 members have been elected as Councilors-at-Large on the Council of the American Library Association (ALA). 34 members to serve a three-year term and 4 members to serve a two-year term. The results are below (listed in alphabetical order by last name).

The 2019-2022 Councilors-at-Large serving a three-year term:

  • Oscar Baeza
  • Jennifer C. Boettcher
  • Laura Bonella
  • Melissa I. Cardenas-Dow
  • Kathy Carroll
  • Katie Cerqua
  • Lindsay Cronk
  • Ana Elisa de Campos Salles
  • Natalie DeJonghe
  • Karen E. Downing
  • Erica Freudenberger
  • Mario M Gonzalez
  • Michael A. Gutierrez
  • April Hathcock
  • Holly Hibner
  • Andrea Q. Jamison
  • Sara Kelly Johns
  • Jessica Jupitus
  • kYmberly Keeton
  • LeRoy LaFleur
  • Amy Spence Lappin
  • Christine H. Lopez, Ed.D.
  • Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer
  • Louis Muñoz Jr.
  • Muzhgan Israfil Nazarova
  • James G. (Jim) Neal
  • Anchalee (Joy) Panigabutra-Roberts
  • Brenda Pruitt-Annisette, MLS, Ed.D.
  • Romelia Salinas
  • Brenda S. Sprinkle
  • Ann K. Symons
  • Joyce Valenza
  • Erica Ann Watson
  • Amber Williams

The term begins at the conclusion of the 2019 ALA Annual Conference in Washington DC and extend through the end of the 2022 Annual Conference in Washington DC.


The 2019-2021 Councilors-at-Large serving a two-year term:

  • Kim DeNero-Ackroyd
  • Bitsy Griffin
  • Lisa N. Johnston
  • Michelle V. Ornat

The term begins at the conclusion of the 2019 ALA Annual Conference in Washington DC and extend through the end of the 2021 Annual Conference in Chicago, IL.


ALA Division and Round Table Councilors elected:

  • American Association of School Librarians Division (AASL)—Diane R. Chen
  • Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) - Jacquelyn Bryant
  • Library & Information Technology Association (LITA) – Jodie Gambill
  • Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange (EMIERT) – Dr. Leslie Campbell Hime
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender (GLBTRT) – Deb Sica
  • Library Instruction (LIRT) – Victor Baeza
  • Library Research (LRRT) – Jennifer Joe
  • New Members (NMRT) – Christina Rodriques
  • Film and Media Round Table (FMRT) – Brian Boling
  • Councilor to Small Round Tables (CSRT) – Aaron Dobbs
  • Sustainability Roundtable (SUSTAINRT) – Matthew Bollerman


A total of 8,905 votes were cast in the election. Council, Division and Round Table elections also were decided. Complete election results will be available at