New iteration—Advanced eCourse: Creating and Expanding Innovative Spaces in Your Library

For Immediate Release
Fri, 01/25/2019


Colton Ursiny

Administrative Assistant

ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions

CHICAGO—ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions, in collaboration with the San José State University School of Information (SJSU iSchool), announces a new iteration of our popular Advanced eCourse, Creating and Expanding Innovative Spaces in Your Library. This advanced eCourse begins on Monday, March 18, 2019 and continues for 12 weeks.

Making sure that your library’s physical space keeps pace with changing technologies and patron needs is a major challenge. You can’t build a new library every year, but it sometimes seems like that might be the only way we could keep pace. If you’re struggling to create a library environment that inspires people to be more creative, collaborative, reflective, and engaged, or if you’re concerned that you won’t be able to meet the present needs of your patrons while also preparing for the future, this course is for you.

In twelve weeks, instructor Alicia Hammond shows you how to create innovative spaces in your library that are tailored to your community’s needs, while working with the resources you have available. Throughout the course, you’ll learn a variety of concepts and techniques that can help you regardless of what your space looks like right now. With an innovative mindset, community engagement skills, and an eye toward modern trends, you can help transform your space and how your community sees your organization.

Learning Outcomes

In this class, you will learn

  • How to cultivate innovative thinking;
  • Creative design ideas for a variety of library spaces;
  • An overview of trends in library spaces including participatory culture, design thinking, and user-centered design; and
  • How to use community engagement to figure out what your community wants.

Participants who complete this Advanced eCourse will receive an SJSU iSchool/ALA Publishing Advanced Certificate of Completion. This certificate will affirm your status as having completed all the steps of an Advanced eCourse on Creating and Expanding Innovative Spaces in Your Library and will provide proof of your participation that you can add to your resume.

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For more information about the eCourse, including how to register, please visit the ALA Store.

About the Instructor

Alicia Hammond is Community Engagement Manager at Forest Park (IL) Public Library.

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