Reagan M. Callahan Selected as the 2018 ALA Century Scholarship Recipient

For Immediate Release
Wed, 07/25/2018


Kimberly L. Redd

Program Manager, Certification

Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR)


The American Library Association (ALA) has selected Reagan M. Callahan of Eureka Springs, Arkansas as the 2018 Century Scholarship recipient.


The $2,500 scholarship funds services or accommodation for a library school student with disabilities admitted to an ALA-accredited library program.


Callahan has been volunteering at her local library for nearly a year. She says, “Once I began volunteering at the library, I knew that I wanted to pursue a master’s program in library and information science.” Callahan is changing her career in veterinary medicine to librarianship. She believes that earning the MLIS degree will create a “plethora of opportunities within the field that she has come to love.”


One reference commented that “She is one of my favorite topics of conversation. She is an intelligent, serious, focused, ambitious student with excellent self-discipline. Her strongest skills include her reliability, thoroughness, teamwork, and loyalty. Her tenacity and drive to be the best at everything she does is quickly apparent.”


Another reference commented that, “Reagan is an outstanding individual. She exhibits integrity and professional character. Her dedication to her education and her high moral character has made her a positive role model for many. She is highly respected and looked up to by her peers.”


Callahan will be attending the University of Washington (Seattle).


For information on the ALA Scholarship program, visit our scholarship page.


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