Step-by-step guidance on migrating library data

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Wed, 06/07/2017


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CHICAGO — Most librarians and staff participate in at least one data migration during their careers. And since the new systems inevitably work differently than the old ones and require different data to function, it’s always a challenge to plan smooth migrations that position libraries to immediately leverage new system capabilities. Using step-by-step instructions and checklists, “Migrating Library Data: A Practical Manual,” published by ALA Neal-Schuman, offers expert advice to help library staff without programming knowledge address common conceptual and technical issues encountered in migrations. Edited by Kyle Banerjee and Bonnie Parks, it is an important planning and implementation tool that will help prevent headaches and frustration. This book:

  • offers a holistic view of migrating different types of library data in ILSes, institutional repositories, DAMs, and other types of systems used to manage data and operations;
  • shows how to analyze, clean, and manipulate data using skills and tools available to most libraries;
  • demonstrates how to work with specific data types typically encountered such as MARC, XML, and delimited text;
  • examines issues that affect specific areas such as acquisitions, circulation, licensing, and institutional repositories;
  • addresses how to handle changes in authentication management or when moving into a wholly new environment such as a shared catalog;
  • thoroughly covers testing, the final migration process, and putting the new system into full production;
  • offers guidance on planning for system freeze, staff training, and how to deal with fallout;
  • provides step-by-step instructions as well as useful checklists for “go live” readiness, post-migration functionality, and more.

Examination copies are available for instructors who are interested in adopting this title for course use.

Banerjee has twenty years’ library experience, extensive systems knowledge, and has planned and written software to support ILS, digital collections, and resource-sharing system migrations since 1996. He has coauthored two other textbooks about digital libraries and has written numerous articles on library automation. Parks has fifteen years’ library experience and extensive metadata management experience. She served as institutional lead for consortial migration in 2014 and has taught Cataloging and Metadata Management for the University of Arizona’s School of Information since 2009. She has authored several book chapters on cataloging topics, served as column editor for the “Serials Conversations” column in Serials Review, and received the 2016 Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship award.

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