RUSA Spring Online Learning

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Mon, 03/06/2017


Jennifer Cross

Web Services Manager

Reference and User Services Association (RUSA)

American Library Association

CHICAGO - The Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), a division of the American Library Association,  offers multiple online professional development opportunities year round that are open to the public. Whether you want to acquire new skills or sharpen your current skills, RUSA's online courses and webinars offer convenient and flexible learning opportunities on both basic and advance topics. Basic topics may include the reference interview and readers' advisory to name a few. For advanced topics we dive into specialty areas such as business reference, genealogy and topics related to prison libraries among others. RUSA members qualify for discounted registration rates including discounts on group registrations. RUSA is pleased to announce our spring 2017 online learning opportunities: 

    • Tomorrow - 3/7/17 – [Webinar] “Is there an app for that? Finding primary sources in an app environment” 
      Learn about history apps and how to immediately implement those app-based sources into reference and research services. Identify, evaluate and apply app evaluation techniques. Learn how apps can be utilized in the reference interview as well as participate in at least one active learning session using a history-based app on a mobile device.
    • Thursday - 3/9/17 – [Webinar] “Resources for Finding Jobs and Strategies for Landing a Librarianship Career” 
      Learn specific online resources for finding library jobs and strategies for landing these jobs including internships, residency, fellowship and volunteerism. You’ll visit some of the websites and provde a bibliographic list of books, websites and journals. The objective of this webinar is for the participants to be able to target library jobs, have a list of printed and electronic resources and to help them with the job searching and applying for library jobs process.
    • 3/16/17 - [BRASS Webinar Series 2 of 3] "Data in Libraries: Open Data" 
      Looking for big datasets for free? The U.S. Federal Government has been providing access to their statistical data for years, even before the internet even existed. Learn about where open data and statistics come from, ways to find and issues on how to keep it coming along with where to join discussions and stay aware of developments.
    • 3/20/17 - [eCourse] "Readers' Advisory: Experiencing Genre Fiction" 
      The idea is to ask participants to think of a genre or subject that they don’t normally read and then immerse themselves in it so that they come away from the experience with the ability to converse with patrons who are seeking books in that area. The Project’s secondary objective is to get participants to play with technology, such as screensharing and ebooks, that is highly relevant to the work of readers’ advisory librarians. This course is suitable for public librarians working in adult or young adult services. 
    • 3/22/17 - [Webinar] "Paging a Librarian: Eliminating the staffed reference desk"
      Staffing a reference desk is a wonderful service for patrons when they need it. However, it can monopolize your staff talent and resources between reference interactions. Changes in libraries and patrons’ needs revealed a desire for more flexibility in reference shifts and not being anchored to a desk.
    • 4/4/17 - [Webinar] "The Library within a Library: The Makerspace Service Point"
      This webinar will recontextualize library services and infrastructure for a makerspace experience that is consistent for every patron, scalable to any skill level, and integrated into the overall library experience. Specifically, we will cover circulation, reference services, and staffing models.
    • 4/24/17 [eCourse] "Talking Technology: An Experiential Tour of Library Technology" 
      The Library Tech Project is a six-week asynchronous online course, designed to give librarians direct exposure to different types of library-related technology that they may have heard about but have not had the opportunity to use.  The emphasis is on experiential learning, where participants handle different devices to see what they do and how they work.
    • 4/25/17 [Webinar] "Situated Learning in the Library: Using Reference Services to Extend Teaching and Learning"
      Participants in this workshop will engage in discussion about Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger’s work with the theory of situated learning, its emphasis on social exchanges for providing a context for learning, and how this applies to reference interactions in the library. 
    • 4/27/17 [ Webinar] "Beyond Ancestry: Genealogical Resources All Researchers Need to Know"
      Ancestry is often the first resource that genealogy researchers use, but then where should they go? After briefly covering the differences between the library edition of Ancestry and a personal subscription, we discuss the newly renovated HeritageQuest Online

About RUSA
The Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), a division of the American Library Association, represents librarians and library staff in the fields of reference, specialized reference, collection development, readers' advisory and resource sharing. RUSA is the foremost organization of reference and information professionals who make the connections between people and the information sources, services and collection materials they need. 

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