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The "Libraries Connect Communities: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2006-2007," is a three-year project that builds on the longest-running and largest study of Internet connectivity in public libraries. The study assess public access to computers, the Internet and Internet-related services in U.S. public libraries, as well as the impact of library funding changes on connectivity, technology deployment and sustainability.

The project is made possible by a generous donation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the American Library Association.

Key findings include:

Millions of Americans Rely on U.S. Public Libraries for Sole Source of Internet Access

Computers and the Internet have become essential tools for individuals working to get an education, find a job, access e-government information and more. More than 14 million Americans use free computer and Internet services at their local public library.

  • 99% of public libraries offer free access to computers and the Internet.

  • 73% of U.S. public libraries report that they are the only source of free public access to computers and the Internet in their communities.

Additional Key findings

Audio Interviews

"Library Patrons Face Long Lines for Computers"

WBEZ (NPR Affiliate - Chicago)

WBEZ arts and culture reporter,
Gianofer Fields,talks with Larra
Clark, Project Manager, ALA Office
forResearch and Statistics on key
study findings.

Larra Clark
Project Manager
ALA Office for Research and Statistics


"ALA, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation release Public Library Funding and Technology Access Study"

American Libraries Magazine

Pamela Goodes, Associate Editor, American
Libraries Magazine interviews Larra Clark on
the release of the "Libraries Connect
Communities: Public Library Funding &
Technology Access Study 2006-2007."

Interview music "Seen," by Verian.

Pamela Goodes
Associate Editor
American Libraries Magazine

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Press Releases

Public libraries are sole source of online employment and education information for millions of Americans

ALA presents preliminary results from Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study


Public Library Funding and Technology Access Study


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