Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) Fact Sheet

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The Library Leadership and Management Association encourages and nurtures current and future leaders, and develops and promotes outstanding leadership and management practices.


LLAMA will be the foremost organization developing present and future leaders in library and information services.


LLAMA is a welcoming community where aspiring and experienced leaders from all types of libraries, as well as those who support libraries, come together to gain skills in a quest for excellence in library management, administration and leadership.


LLAMA’s diverse membership, totaling over 4,000, includes librarians and library staff at all levels and from all types of libraries, as well as architects, development officers, public relations specialists and others who work with library administrators to accomplish the goals of the organization. 

Key Activities

  • Education – a robust online continuing education program of webinars and classes are designed to bring LLAMA’s high-quality content to new audiences with minimal cost.
  • Mentoring – LLAMA is committed to leadership develpment through its mentoring program and the support of ALA’s emerging leader program.  Now in its fourth year, the mentoring program is building on the early success it had in attracting both new members to LLAMA and new LLAMA members to the world of leadership.
  • Publications – LLAMA’s quarterly journal, Library Leadership & Management, is online and open-access. Book titles include “New Supervisors in Technical Services: A Management Guide Using Checklists,” “Outstanding Library Public Relations: 60 Years of the John Cotton Dana Award,” “Risk and Insurance Management Manual for Libraries” and “Growing Leaders from within: A Practical Guide for Recognizing and Developing Leadership Skills in the Library.”
  • Awards – LLAMA is the home of several major awards within ALA, including the prestigious John Cotton Dana Library Awards, provided in conjunction with the H.W. Wilson Foundation, and EBSCO Publishing.  The awards honor outstanding library public relations, and eight winning libraries are recognized with a $10,000 grant.  LLAMA also manages the ALA/American Institute of Architects (AIA) Library Building Awards that encourage excellence in the architectural design and planning of libraries; and the ALA/International Interior Design Award (IIDA) library interior design competition that honors excellence in library interior design. 

At the heart of LLAMA’s activities are its seven sections.  These special interest groups represent all aspects of library management and offer unique opportunities to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, mentor future leaders, and hone leadership and managerial skills with people of similar interests:

  • Buildings and Equipment Section (BES) the meeting place for librarians, trustees, interior designers, architects and consultants engaged in building and renovating library facilities.
  • Fund Raising and Financial Development Section (FRFDS) for those who work to grow financial resources for their organizations and enhance their libraries’ success, and for those new to library development who want to learn the basics.
  • Human Resources Section (HRS) for library workers concerned with general personnel administration, information, education, techniques, theories, practices, guidance materials and research.
  • Library Organization and Management Section (LOMS) the largest section is a home for professionals wishing to immerse themselves in organizational and management theory and best practices applied to libraries.
  • Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation Section (MAES) for members wanting to explore practical applications of library data collection and analysis.
  • New Professionals Section (NPS) a home for new library professionals and LIS students interested in management.
  • Public Relations and Marketing Section (PRMS) stimulates creativity and rewards excellence in strategic communication for all types of libraries, to their users, opinion leaders and the general public.
  • Systems and Services Section (SASS) a great place for managers and front line staff to network and discuss issues and innovations in systems administration.


Electronic Resources

Contact Us

For more information on LLAMA, visit, call 1-800-545-2433 x5032 or e-mail