Long Description: 2015 Book Challenges Infographic

Of 275 challenges recorded by the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF), the "2015 Top Ten Most Challenged Books" are:

  1. Looking for Alaska, by John Green
    Reasons: Offensive language, sexually explicit, and unsuited for age group

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James
    Reasons: Sexually explicit, unsuited to age group, and other: “poorly written,” “concerns that a group of teenagers will want to try it.”

  1. I Am Jazz, by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings
    Reasons: Inaccurate, homosexuality, sex education, religious viewpoint, and unsuited for age group

  1. Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out, by Susan Kuklin
    Reasons: Anti-family, offensive language, homosexuality, sex education, political viewpoint, religious viewpoint, unsuited for age group, and other:  “wants to remove from collection to ward off complaints”

  1. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon
    Reasons: Offensive language, religious viewpoint, unsuited for age group, and other: “profanity and atheism”

  1. Holy Bible
    Reasons: Religious viewpoint, Violence, and other: “violence”

  1. Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel
    Reasons: Violence, and other: “graphic images”

  1. Habibi, by Craig Thompson
    Reasons: Nudity, sexually explicit, and unsuited for age group

  1. Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story from Afghanistan, by Jeanette Winter
    Reasons: Religious viewpoint, unsuited to age group, and violence

  1. Two Boys Kissing, by David Levithan
    Reasons: Homosexuality, and other: “condones public displays of affection”

Understanding Book Challenges

9 of the Top Ten Challenged Books include Diverse content*

*Definition: www.oif.ala.org/oif/?p=6284

Who Challenges Books?

  • Parent 40%

  • Patron 27%

  • Administrator/Board 10%

  • Pressure group 6%

  • Librarian/Teacher 6%

  • Government Body 4%

  • Other 7%

Where Are Books Challenged?

  • Public Library 45%

  • School Library 19%

  • School (Curriculum and Programming) 28%

  • Other 8%

Why Are Books Challenged?

  • Abortion

  • Anti-Ethnic

  • Inaccurate 

  • Sexism 

  • Gangs

  • Occult Satanism 

  • Political Viewpoint 

  • Racism

  • Sex Education 

  • Suicide

  • Cultural Insensitivity

  • Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking 

  • Anti-Family 

  • Homosexuality 

  • Nudity 

  • Offensive

  • Language 

  • Religious Viewpoint 

  • Violence

  • Unsuited For Age Group

  • Sexually Explicit

  • Homosexuality

  • Immigration

Learn more at http://www.ala.org/bbooks

  • Mention of Allah

  • Prostitution

  • Atheism

  • Islam

  • Evil

  • Anti-Police

  • Glorifies Criminals

  • Liberal Propaganda

  • Confuses Children

  • Sexual Slavery

  • Gender Non-Conformity

  • Glorifies Islamic Jihad

  • Promotes Perversion

  • Bisexuality

  • Racist to Whites

Statistics on challenged books are compiled by American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom.

Learn more about banned and challenged books at: http://ala.org/bbooks