Standing Up and Speaking Out for Libraries

The American Library Association understands the interconnectedness of school, public and academic libraries, and works every day to stand up and speak out to funders, legislators, and decision makers about how important we are.  ALA is the only library association advocating at national and state levels with legislative and regulatory bodies, issue-associations, and in the media for libraries and librarians.  Without organizational member dues, ALA's work on LSTA and IMLS funding, E-Rate expansion, and ESEA reauthorization could stop. 

This advocacy is supported by membership dues.  Enrolling your library as a member helps ensure that the work of telling the library story – how communities and campuses are strengthened because of libraries – continues.  It is time to join this effort as a library-member of ALA.  Please take an important step and adding your library to our member roster. 

With your membership support, ALA can continue to fight the good fight for libraries of all kinds.  Make a decision today to include ALA organization membership as part of your budget.  Thousands of other libraries know what it means to stand together in membership and see our issues recognized.  We look forward to welcoming your library as a fellow member.  Call or Click to get started today.