Keeping Libraries on the Agenda

ALA is the voice for libraries in Washington, D.C., and your library's membership dues make that voice heard.  Being an Organizational member let you do your share to keep libraries on the agenda in Congress.

  • On campus, your personal memberships counts toward tenure and recognition—but it is your library's ALA organizational membership that helps support our advocacy work for the profession, encouraging a climate of intellectual freedom and student success.

  • When the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) comes up for reauthorization, it will be ALA—supported by member dues — making sure school librarians are in the Bill. Support this effort to keep school librarians on the agenda in D.C.

  • ALA member-library dues support the Office for Library Advocacy, the Public Information Office, the Washington Office and the Office for Intellectual Freedom.   Your membership investment funds the critical work of keeping libraries on the national agenda happen. Call or Click to lend your institutional support as a member today.