Fighting for our Member Libraries

The ongoing membership support of our 3,000+ organizational members has helped ALA fight - and win - on issues that matter for libraries.  Thank you for making a decision to be a member library, helping us to continue to meet the challenges of the next year.

Your library is on the front lines of doing "more with less".  As you serve your public – on campus and in communities large and small - you stand in the gap for users, enabling them to find the resources they want and the help they need.   When times are tough you cut, conserve, and improvise, all the while keeping the doors open and continuing to serve. Over the past few years, the American Library Association has supported your efforts with new tools and ideas while redoubling our advocacy for libraries in Washington, D.C. and around the states.  Like you, we have been successful doing more with less.  But it is membership dues that keep ALA's doors open, especially from library-members and specifically for advocacy efforts. 

Your library can help support this work by becoming a member today.  Adding your library to ALA's advocacy roles does three things: you support the Office for Library Advocacy, the national coordinator for state and local advocacy efforts; you support our Washington Office and its professional staff who works in the halls of Congress for libraries; and you support our Public Information Office as they help showcase library stories in newspapers, on the radio and across the internet.  

Please consider taking an important step and adding your library to our member roster.  With your membership support, ALA can continue to fight the good fight for libraries of all kinds.  Thousands of other libraries know what it means to stand together in membership and see our issues recognized.  Make a decision today to include ALA organizational membership as part of your budget.  Call or click to get started today.