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ala is a voice for member libraries

ALA works on behalf of librarians and all types of libraries in the areas of funding, intellectual freedom, professional standards, and 21st-century literacy, helping create a future in which communities look to librarians and libraries as vital resources. This includes making libraries eligible for funding to provide high-speed, affordable broadband service, and eligibility for other federal programs.

Essential work through our Advocacy and Public Information Offices moves politicians and decision-makers from simple awareness of libraries to supporting and growing the programs our communities find so essential.   But for this kind of work to continue we need your membership support – specifically, your library’s institutional membership in ALA. 

Library-member dues directly underwrite our advocacy in D.C., around the country and in the media.  Your library’s membership directly supports the work that ALA is doing for libraries, librarians and library workers across the country and around the world.   In these tough economic times, standing together in membership lets us all apply the best ideas to the problems we’d otherwise all face alone.  If you are not an ALA member library, take this opportunity to help sustain our vocal and focused advocacy for libraries and the profession.   Call or Click today to get started.

From the very smallest school to the largest district, ALA member library dues make the difference.  Help ALA tell the "library story" in the media, in D.C. and the state house, and to your community.  In Washington, D.C., with vendors and publishers, and to the public and the media, ALA is your advocate and the voice of America's libraries.  Membership dues support this work and our library members are the key to successful advocacy for your issues. 

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