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ala is a voice for member libraries

ALA works on behalf of librarians and all types of libraries in the areas of funding, intellectual freedom, professional standards, and 21st-century literacy, helping ensure a future in which communities continue to rely upon librarians and libraries as vital resources. This includes making libraries eligible for funding for high-speed, affordable broadband service, and other federal programs.

The work of ALA's Advocacy and Public Information Offices is essential to move elected-leaders and decision-makers from a basic awareness of libraries to active support of programs our communities find so essential. But for this kind of work to continue we need your membership support – specifically, your library’s institutional membership in ALA. 

Library-member dues directly underwrite our advocacy in Washington, D.C., around the country, and in the media. Your library’s membership directly supports the work that ALA is doing for libraries, librarians and library workers across the country and around the world.

We can do more together—applying the best ideas to our problems—that can be done individually.  Our strong, passionate voices and combined resources sustain our vocal and focused advocacy for libraries and the profession. If your library is not an ALA member, join us and our efforts now.  Call or Click today to get started.

When is comes to supporting ALA and your profession, size does not matter. Whether your library is from the very smaller school or the largest district, your investment in ALA makes a huge difference to all libraries. Help ALA tell about the transformative power of libraries in the media, in Washington, DC, in the state house, and in your own community.  Join ALA as an Organizational Member today.

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