Retired but Not Slowing Down

Personal members who have retired from full-time employment in libraries or related fields are eligible for discounted retiree dues in ALA and numerous divisions and round tables. Free lifetime Continuing Membership is available for those retired members who have also completed 25 consecutive years of membership.

Retired but Not Slowing Down.  The Retired Member Round Table (RMRT)

Retired ALA members (or those starting to plan for retirement) are invited to join the Retired Members Round Table (RMRT).  RMRT members develop programs of interest to retired persons from all types of libraries and all forms of library service.   Many members who are no longer formally working in libraries still want to keep connected with friends they have met over the years and colleagues they have worked with on various Association projects.  RMRT offers both formal and informal opportunities for continued involvement and learning.  RMRT members also will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of leadership training and opportunities for mentoring.  Members who are anticipating retirement are invited to join to network, learn and connect.  

Visit the RMRT pages to learn more about ways that RMRT will help you continue your engagement with the Association and your fellow members. 

What Better Time to Re-Engage with ALA

Throughout your career, supports you in a multitude of ways.  Find new ways to learn, give back, engage, and stay involved.

More about Retiree Membership

Retired members are invited to participate in the work of the Association through committee service, running for office, and providing sustaining financial support to scholarships and endowments that ensure growth of the profession and libraries. Retired members support the library workers of today as we build a better tomorrow; one where access to information is never abridged, and the opportunity to serve the common good through library work is not lost.  You can stand with nearly 3,000 others who have made the decision to support ALA through the extraordinary step of maintaining your membership through retirement.  

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my years in ALA,” says Sue Dietl, retired as Manager of Access Services at the Hesburgh Library at the University of Notre Dame.  “[ALA Membership] supplied me with information to stay ahead of changes in technology and thought, brought me many new friends and colleagues, and allowed me to see much of our country through attendance at mid-winter and annual meetings.”

Retired members are able to create a personal legacy that benefits the entire library community through gifts of time and money to the Association. In particular, the work of the Washington Office, the Freedom to Read Foundation, and the Office for Library Advocacy are in need of your skills and attention. Please consider volunteering your time to help ensure that the resources school, academic, and public libraries need; and the visibility of the librarian in the community, continues to grow.  Retired Members access all the benefits of Personal Membership in ALA.

Resources for Retired and Continuing Members

Retired Members Round Table (RMRT)

ALA Member Health, Medical Dental and Long Term Care Insurance

Staying Connected and Getting Involved


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