ALA membership for Librarians is called ‘Regular’ membership in our bylaws.  Dues are graduated across the 1st and 2nd year of Regular membership leveling off in the third year.  Membership is on a 12-month calendar starting in the month one joins.

Regular membership is intended for individual librarians as well as those employed in other areas of library and information services in jobs that either require a master's degree or state level certification, or are managerial. This membership type has the same rights and benefits of all other personal members, including committee service, voting rights, and complimentary publications. Regular membership in ALA provides you with access to personal membership in all ALA divisions and round tables, too.

How Members Make an Impact

colleagues laughing There are a lot of different examples of librarians who are ALA members. One is Aaron W. Dobbs, Systems and Electronic Resources Librarian, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, Shippensburg, PA.  Over the past few years, Aaron has become more involved with ALA, starting out as a student member while pursuing his Master of Science in Library Science, from the University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences.  After a break in membership, Aaron saw that the people engaged with ALA made a larger impact for their library communities and he wanted to be a part of that work.  "At a macro level,” said Aaron, “the beauty of being an ALA member is that your dues go toward supporting advocacy, intellectual freedom, and an association that amplifies the voice of libraries. On a micro level, I’m an ALA member in order to advocate for changes I see that are needed, along with many others who are advocating for the changes they feel are important." Aaron is a currently a member of  the ALA/ACRL Legislative Advocacy Committee, helping to set priorities for the association in Washington D.C., and an ALA Councilor-at-Large.

According to Rose Dawson, Director for the Alexandria (VA) Library, “ALA has had an incredible impact [on my career].  I am positive that some of my ability to move up in the profession can be credited to ALA.”  Rose is typical of members who have found that the professional networks, publishing and presentation outlets, and committee service have made new opportunities happen in their worklife. ALA actively invites members to contribute; without members speaking, writing, collaborating and creating together, tour work would not be as successful. Because of the vast options that come with member service, unforeseen career paths open up.  Membership is a great a first step

Opportunities for Involvment through Membership

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