Who is ALA?

Membership in the American Library Association is open to library workers and library supporters from around the world.  Composed of 58,000 members who are librarians, support staff, trustees, friends, retirees, and international librarians, our membership touches all types of libraries and is united in the common cause of supporting libraries.  ALA Membership creates a professional community who stand together to ensure that librarians are visible change agents in their communities and that libraries are well funded and fully utilized by their constituents.  

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If you work in a library, support library services, or work with libraries as a vendor, ALA membership is for you.  You can find specific information about what benefits membership will bring to your library or your career by exploring these links.

Membership is made up of:

Librarians  |   Students  |   Support Staff  |   Trustees and Friends  |   International Librarians  |   Retired Librarians get involved

Members often find a professional "home" in our divisions and round tables. ALA’s 11 divisions and 20 round tables provide continuing education, publishing programs, networking opportunities and ongoing support based on either the work one does in libraries or the type of library where you serve. 

Our network of support also includes thousands of organizational members and vendors who are dedicated to materially supporting ALA’s mission and core services. Chapters and Affiliated groups round out with institutional support that builds capacity for library advocacy through direct membership.

Libraries and Non-profits  |   Vendors and Exhibitors  |   Chapters and Affiliated Organizations

Learn more about the members of the American Library Association, what we believe in and what we do for libraries and the profession by choosing from the links, below.

Resources to learn more about ALA membership:

ALA Advocates for Libraries
ALA Sets Accreditation Standards
ALA Champions Intellectual Freedom
ALA Creates Standards that Matter
ALA Conducts Policy Analysis
ALA Delivers Resources through the Web
ALA Hosts Professional Networks that Work
ALA Offers the Best in Continuing Education
ALA Provides an International Reach

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