Conducts Policy Analysis

The ALA closely follows federal legislation and makes its voice heard when proposed changes in law, rules or regulations threaten to affect the ability of libraries to meet the information needs of their communities. Since libraries are critical to equitable access to information, the Association also works to have library leaders recognized and included as important partners when policies that affect libraries or delivery of information are being discussed outside of ALA. We have several membership committees that inform ALA on policy and member-experts are actively encouraged to participate in informing ALA’s policy positions.

ALA is also a voice in the international arena, advocating for policies that ensure the information needs of the public are met and helping to shape polices and laws at home by participation in various international policy forums.

How you can get involved?

You can personally participate in setting policy and enhancing outcomes. Within ALA, several member groups directly contribute to analysis of current federal, state and local policies that affect library services.  Members are involved in analysis of issues like copyright, broadband, and intellectual freedom.  We work to add a library perspective to curriculum standards and materials selection policies.  Around the country, labor and salary policies are influenced by ALA research and member commentary. 

Resources for Members on Policy Analysis

Issue Briefs

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Research, Assessment and Policy Committees

Office for Information Technology Policy

AASL Policy

ALSC Evaluation of Media

ALCTS Policy and Planning

ALSC Professional Development

ACRL Assessment Committee

ASLCA Accessibility Assembly

LITA Committee for Assessment and Research

PLA PLDS Statistical Report Advisory

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GODORT Government Information Technology Committee (GITCO)

SRRT Alternative Media Task Force