Creates Standards that Matter

Standards are increasingly important in the practice of  all library fields. Library schools introduce the basics of standards but ongoing exposure and familiarity with relevant details in your field of specialization is a part of ongoing professional development. ALA members have access to developing standards at all phases – from discussion in committees, to testing in the field, to promotion through publications and programs, to ongoing training in their use and application. 

One example of relevant ALA standards comes from Jennine Bloomquist, SLMS Annsville/Camden School District, about using the new Standards for the 21st Century Learne from AASL.

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ALA is actively engaged, both directly and in coordination with other national and international library associations, in ensuring the recognition and use of globally relevant and internationally recognized standards, both domestically and in global librarianship.

How you can get involved

Members set the standards that the next generation of libraries will implement. ALA provides assistance our members through our publications, training programs, and information programs.  Relevant committees for discussing current standards and practice exist in every division, section and round table of ALA.  In addition, at the ALA level there are several committees that set standards and conduct surveys that inform new standards.  If ensuring that the future of the profession and libraries is secure in its practice, follow the links below for more ways to get involved as a member. standards quote 2


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Key IF Statements and Policies

Standards in the news

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Office for Research and Statistics

ALA, Division and Round Table Committees that address standards for the profession

AASL Standards and Guidelines Implementation Task Force

ACRL Information Literacy Standards Committee

ALSC Great Websites Committee

ALCTS Continuing Resources Standards

ASCLA Standards Review Committee

LITA Technology and Access Committee

RUSA Standards & Guidelines

GLBTRT Resources Committee

LIRT Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee

LRRT Steering Committee

MAGERT Cataloging and Classification Committee