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"I have been interested in intellectual freedom issues since grad school. Through membership in ALA , I've been part of groups like the Intellectual Freedom Committee and the Intellectual Freedom Round Table that helped me get involved quickly and contribute in a significant way to a cause I believe in. I'd encourage every member to take advantage of the rich ALA resources, get involved and have your ideas heard, and work together on the issues that are at the heart of our profession."
- Martin Garnar, Reference Services Librarian, Regis University

1st ammendment cover of american libraries magazine The American Library Association is known as a leader in protecting the First Amendment and the public’s right to read, to know, and to research. ALA continues to support the principles of network neutrality to ensure an open Internet so that the public has access to information and ideas across the spectrum of social and political thought, so people can choose what they want to read or view or listen to because the importance of having the broad range of information and ideas available is that it enables us to be a nation of self-governors. These intellectual freedom principles apply in the traditional print environment and across an open Internet environment.

ALA and the library community are fully committed to our democratic republic – a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This form of government does not function effectively unless its electorate is enlightened. The electorate must have information available and accessible. And it does – in our nation’s libraries. America’s First Amendment freedoms are absolutely necessary for people to read, explore, develop and be civically engaged. ALA remains committed to these important principles and will promote and defend these freedoms as inherent to “equity for all.”

How you can get involved

judith krug and judy bloom The Intellectual Freedom Round Table ( IFRT) is the primary place for members who are interested in working to preserve and extend freedom of access to information in all libraries.  Joining IFRT provides you with a forum to discuss activities, programs, and problems in intellectual freedom for libraries and librarians.  There are wonderful opportunities for involvement by ALA members in defense of intellectual freedom and IFRT helps promotes a greater feeling of responsibility in the implementation of ALA policies on intellectual freedom.  Several committees need your involvement, including advisory committees for the Office of Intellectual Freedom, the Freedom to Read Foundation, and the Merritt Fund.  Follow the links below to learn more about membership opportunities in this important ALA field.

Links to ALA and related groups

Office for Intellectual Freedom - Committees need your help
Freedom to Read Foundation - Membership and Help with Challenges
Choose Privacy Week - Get informed and get involved
Intellectual Freedom Round Table - Join the round table
Merritt Fund - Find out how you can support librarians who are being personally challenged

ALA Division and Round Table member committees that address Intellectual Freedom Issues

ALTAFF Legislation, Advocacy & Intellecual Freedom Committee
PLA Intellectual Freedom Advisory Group
SRRT International Responsibilities TF

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