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A World of Resources for All Types of Libraries

ALA, its offices, divisions, and round tables offer members an abundance of toolkits, tools, and professional resources to support all types of needs for all types of libraries.  This page provides access to them in an easy-to-use, alphabetical format. Review these resources to locate tools that you can use now and tp become aware of others that will serve your needs later or that you can tell a colleague about.

This site provides information, tools, and assistance for anyone who wants to advocate for their library, or for libraries in general.
Tips and tools to help library supporters make the case for libraries in tough economic times.
The ALA Library receives inquiries from librarians across the country and around the world, as well as from the general public, on a wide variety of library topics. We have prepared fact sheets on the most asked-about topics.
On April 28 and 30, 2014, ALSC President Starr LaTronica and the ALSC Board of Directors held an ALSC Community Forum on adding STEAM to summer reading. As part of this discussion, representatives from the ALSC School Age Programs and Services Committee led members in a live chat.
The library also helps immigrants hold on to their native words and customs so that they can tell their stories, preserve their culture, and share their wisdom across generations. At your library, new immigrants can find the reassurance and the resources they need to navigate a new culture and acquire new literacy skills.
The resources and links presented on this website are intended to be of use for both caregivers and those who supervise or work with someone who is a caregiver. The list does not seek to be comprehensive. Those who can share additional links or materials are encouraged to contact .
A collection of tools to help organize and catalog library materials. Includes a tool for managers and catalogers to explain the value of their work.
The directory, available in four unique formats, provides information about library and information studies programs that are accredited by the American Library Association (ALA).
ALA resources for promoting diversity in the workplace.
The ALA's EBook Toolkit provides resources to help start and continue the conversation regarding library e-book lending, access issues, and general public awareness. Tools include press release and op-ed templates and guidelines for using them with editorial and news media contacts, news hooks you can use locally, tips for relationship building with media contacts, and links to examples of e-book-related editorials and news stories.