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The American Library Association is a community of members who support library services and all types of libraries across the United States and around the world. We are dedicated to helping members connect with the resources they need to build library services in their communities and to succeed in their careers. Through professional development opportunities, in-person and online networking, and a host of initiatives for all types of libraries, ALA provides our members with the tools and support they need. 

why ala?ALA works hard to show the public the value of the profession through media and outreach programs, demonstrating how libraries build communities and how librarians are key to successful learning outcomes. By propagating internationally recognized standards, ALA helps your library be a model for services and outcomes. And our unwavering stance for freedom of access to information makes us a leader in First Amendment issues for every age group. 

ALA sponsors the best in professional continuing education at conferences and online, world class publishing programs, innovative networking tools like ALA Connect, 11 divisions and 20 round tables where your work can be recognized and your contributions count. 

According to Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels, “ALA members take legislative advocacy very seriously. Through our new Office for Library Advocacy and the Washington Office, federal and state level initiatives that either fund libraries or extend the role of librarians and library workers are analyzed, supported - and passed.”

“It is easy to see why 58,000 librarians, support staff, trustees, friends, retirees, and vendors support the Association through membership.”  -Keith Michael Fiels, Executive Director, American Library Association

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Find out more about all of these initiatives and get to know some of our 60,000+ members.  Then, make the best decision of your professional career – the decision to be a member of the American Library Association.

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