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Whether you are a returning or a brand new member, your ALA membership offers you a world of resources, information and benefits.

Much will be useful now, other resources will become valuable as your career progresses, you change positions or type of library, or you want to get more involved with your professional community. In the next week to 10 days new, renewing, and rejoining members will receive an email with pdfs of your detailed membership receipt, membership card, and membership certificate.  

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Pathways to Participate:

ALA members tend to create their own ALA experience, which evolves over time, by connecting with others with similar interests and goals, by exploring something new, and by getting involved. ALA offers a wide variety of ways to connect with colleagues across the country and around the world. This includes ALA DivisionsRound Tables, ALA Offices and Publications, and all the individual connections you will make over time.    

Here are some ways to more easily access the information you want, to answer some of your questions, to grow as a professional, and to learn about and participate in the library profession through ALA membership. 

  • Manage My Membership.  Use this as your ALA "home base." Update your membership information, renew your membership, better understand how ALA is organized via its Divisions, Round Tables and Offices, and stay abreast of ALA work and professional issues.   Over time more options and functions will be added.
  • Welcome from the New Members Round Table (NMRT). NMRT is for those who have been an ALA member less than 10 years. Its goal is to offer pathways that help you meet and engage with other new professionals. NMRT also has a program that connects new members with more seasoned professionals to help you navigate ALA, to provide mentoring, and to support you as you decide to become more active in ALA and/or your career.  
  • Engage with ALA and Your Profession. ALA membership supports you as you develop your skills and advance in the profession, and as you use your skills to change the world for the better through libraries.
  • Contact Us: Don’t hesitate to contact ALA staff for help in accessing ALA resources. To reach ALA’s Member and Customer Service department call 800-545-2433 or via email at membership@ala.org.  
  • ALA’s Website. www.ala.org is a comprehensive resource offering access to a tremendous amount of useful information. Surf the site and explore all it has available. Find information you need right now, discover new areas of interest, find out about things you might not have known existed, and learn about resources that you might need as you career progresses or that might help a colleague.
  • Libraries Transform. Through this website learn about the Center for the Future of Libraries, Community Relationships, Ebooks and Digital Content, Library Leadership and Management, and ALA’s "Libraries Transform" public awareness campaign. 
  • Resources for All Types of Libraries.  ALA, its offices, divisions, and round tables offer members an abundance of tool kits, tools, and resources to support all types of needs for all types of libraries. This page provides access to them in an easy-to-use, alphabetical format. Review these resources to locate tools that you can use now and to become aware of others that will serve your needs later or that you can tell a colleague about.
  • Find Your Opportunity to Volunteer.  ALA works through a member-driven structure of committees and subcommittees, divisions, round tables, and several other types of groups.  Each committee has a specific purpose, defined at the time it is established. Each division and round table also may create committees and other working groups to carry out the work of the division or round table. 
  • Student Member Portal: For those beginning on their career, this central hub links you to ALA services, support, programs, products, scholarship and employment information, research assistance, and the invaluable benefit of connecting with experienced library professionals.