Make the Case For Your Organization to Pay for Your ALA Membership

Making the Case for ALA Membership

Make your case for becoming an ALA member by showing how you'll be more valuable to your organization.  (This information also applies to membership renewals.)

Making the case for your employer to cover or help cover the cost of membership in your professional association requires you to clearly communicate the potential benefits to your organization/supervisor, along with how you will grow your professional skills and abilities. Use the information that follows to help make your case for ALA membership and your professional growth.

►  Familiarize yourself with the benefits of membership information on the ALA webpage: Learn, Connect, Advance. Professionally and Personally.  Identify the top benefits that mean the most to you, your library, your supervisor, and even your Board.  (Remember, your Library Director may need to make the case to the Board.)  Be sure to use the information found at Why ALA? and Getting the Most from Your Membership.

►  Remember, your fellow ALA members are the best kind of consultants – a dedicated community facing similar challenges and working together to overcome them with fresh ideas and energy. Just think what a single, paid consultant would charge compared to the cost of ALA membership, and the wide array of available ideas, information, network, and contacts that you can use right away — including a wide variety of informative and useful publications.

►  Define the additional value you and your library will receive from belonging to an ALA Division and/or Round Table. Divisions, Round Tables, ALA Offices are unmatched in their ability to meet your professional needs and connect you with others in your areas of interest and specialization.

►  Know the cost of membership and what savings your ALA membership provides such as registration discounts for ALA’s Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference, Member Value Program( MVP)  discounts, publication discounts (members save 10% on all books and promotional items from ALA Editions and ALA Graphics), access to and member pricing for ALA online learning, and more. 

►  Commit that you will focus on identifying and implementing at least one new idea over the next year that will add value to your library. Be sure to review the available toolkits, tools, and professional resources for those that can be useful to you, your library, or your colleagues. Some tools will be useful now and others will be useful later.

►  Put your request in writing, noting the benefits and value that you and your organization will gain.  Be sure to include ways that ALA membership will help your library save in areas such as those mentioned above: conference attendance, continuing education, and other value-added or money-saving programs.