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Meet ALA Member: Amy Muscoplat


Amy Muscoplat, MLIS, MFA
Santa Monica Public Library
Santa Monica, CA

What are you working on now that you’re excited about?

I'm doing some great programs that involve crafting and writing - which I love. I worked on a project for a few years building Happiness Rooms, a concept that takes the unique resources of a library and combines them with interactive elements and displays. It helps people further explore the themes of happiness, joy, positivity, gratitude, calm, mindfulness and flow in their own lives.

Where do you hope this will take you/your organization in the future?

I'm hoping the organization will continue to value this type of work, these types of pop-up rooms and it will partner with local arts organizations and other city institutions to help bring these kinds of programs to a wider audience beyond the library.

What are you most proud of?

I have worked as a children's librarian for 12.5 years, a news research librarian and a public librarian and I am most proud that I've enjoyed working with wonderfully talented librarian professionals in all of these positions.

How are you involved with ALA and/or what’s your favorite thing about being an ALA member?

I am a member who thoroughly enjoys learning more through all of the great resources and learning/resource updates that ALA and it's subdivisions make known to their members!

How do you make change happen?

I see things in a very forward thinking way. So I often see those individuals who are able to partner and make change within the larger organization. I try to work with them to get the rising tide to float the organizational boat, so to speak! We're all about trying to help the library serve our public better and better.

Might your colleagues call you a change agent, and if so, why do you think that is?

Yes they would. I believe they see me as proactive, creative, willing to take on a challenge and as a initiator of good ideas.

What are you currently reading/ listening to/ watching/ making?

I'm reading a ton of books on Creative Hand Lettering and "Tooth and Nail: the Making of a Female Fight Doctor." I'm making lots of small projects with washi tape, hand-made greeting cards and stationery.