ALA is fortunate to have interested, active members, and we make a special effort to encourage their involvement through our committees, divisions and round tables.   Leadership in the Association happens not only on ALA Council and the Executive Board, but also on committees, working groups, and task forces at every level in the organization. quote on communities

Every year, the incoming ALA President chairs a special committee to solicit nominations. ALA Divisions and Round Tables have similar methods to bring in new voices, new perspectives and new people. Today’s elected member-leaders started serving their colleagues years ago. And that process of learning policies and practices, then effecting changes and shaping direction for the organization, took time. 

These opportunities include the chance to participate on task groups and in collaborative environments where members identify needs, build strategies and develop tools to inform practice and policy.

ALA – Connecting you with the library community

ALA is active nationally in a number of issues, particularly funding for libraries, intellectual freedom, standards for the profession, and 21st Century literacy.  Through our conferences, web based CE and an assortment of cutting edge print and electronic resources, ALA keeps you informed and in touch with new developments in every type of library.  And now, with the debut of ALA Connect, members are able to be in immediate, effective contact with ideas and innovations that come from over 57,000 other members.  Let’s grow together.  ALA is the largest association for librarians and library workers in the world.  Working together, we advocate for libraries and for the profession in good times and in tough economic conditions.  Joining ALA ensures that we all stand with each other in community.