How Do I Get Involved at ALA?

Learn about the ways to get more involved in ALA through Association resources, initiatives and by meeting other members. three members

"I've always considered my ALA membership a great investment. What I get in return is worth far more than what comes out of my pocket. It's not just the opportunities to connect and learn - or how ALA has allowed my voice to be heard - but it's the little things too, like being an ALA Ambassador. With ALA, we can make a difference for each other." - Steven Bell, Temple University

Committees:  Join one of thousands of ALA committees.  There are opportunities to work with ALA offices, Divisions, Round Tables, and other groups.

Connect:  See how the resources and community within ALA Connect, our social and professional network, can help you take your membership to the next level.

Careers:  Members find new career connections and excellent resources for professional recognition and advancement through ALA.  Find yours today.

Causes:  Learn about ways to get active and make your voice heard in D.C., at the state house, and with city hall for your library and library issues. mlk event photo

Continuing Education:  Get the CE resources you need and make the professional connections you want through premier online and in person continuing education – at a discount for members.

Communities: Find the committees or communities that work on issues that interest you professionally and personally to make new connections for your work and your library.

Conferences:  Learn about how conference, meetings, seminars and symposia around ALA help members find excellent resources and make professional connections that last a lifetime.