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Organizational Type | Work Specialty

In an effort to better correlate membership information to national statistics about libraries and the profession, the American Library Association membership committee has expanded our classifications for “Organizational Type" and “Work Specialty.” Please assist us by changing or amending your membership record to include these points of information.

Organizational Type

Libraries and institutions are defined broadly by type. Please choose the code that most closely describes the type of organization at which you work.

105  Academic: 2-year College

110  Academic: 4-year College or Military Academy

115  Academic: University or Research Institution

120  Archives

125  Business or Corporate Entity (librarians use Special Library)

130  Consultancy/Self-Employed

135  Government Library, Depository or Agency

140  Health Sciences Library

145  Library Association

150  Library Board/Friend’s Group

155  Library Consortium, System or Network

160  Library School or Certification Program

165  Military/Armed Forces Library

170  Native/Indigenous Peoples Library

175  Non-Profit, Association or Foundationl

180  Not Applicable (Student, Retired, Job Seeker)

185  Prison Library

190  Public Library or Public Library District

195  Religious Institution

200  School District Office

205  School Library: Elementary

210  School Library: High School

215  School Library: K-12

220  School Library: Middle School

225  Special Library

230  Other

Work Specialty

Please select a descriptive code most closely associated with your primary day-to-day activity, or if you are retired, a student, or self-employed, select an appropriate choice. If no descriptor is correct for you, consult the codes under “other.”

310  Acquisitions

315  Administrator: Library Director/Assistant Dir

320  Administrator: Other (Dean, Manager, Supervisor)

325  Adult Services

335  Cataloging/Metadata

340  Children's Services

345  Collection Development/Management

350  Continuing Resources/Serials

360  Development, Grants & Fundraising

365  Ebooks, Electronic Resources,  Digital Services or Programs

370  Facilities Management

375  Faculty: LIS

380  Government Documents

385  ILL/Document Delivery

390  Instructional Services

395  IT Systems, Network & Web Services

400  Job Seeker

405  Librarian

410  Library Programming

415  Literacy

420  Non-Print/Media Services

425  Outreach/Community Services

430  Paraprofessional or Support Staff

435  Preservation

440  Promotion & Marketing

445  Publication (includes Editorial & Authors)

450  Readers Advisory

455  Reference/Research Services

465  School Librarian

470  Special Collections, Rare Books & Archives

475  Student: Certification Program

480  Student: LIS or PhD

485  Subject Specialist

490  Teacher/Counselor, K-12 (librarians, use School Librarian)

495  Technical Services

500  Trustee/Board Member/Friend

510  Young Adult/Teen Services

515  Other