Join Your State Library Association Today!

August 20, 2014

Your state library association, also known as an ALA Chapter, needs your help to support libraries in your state. If you're not already a member, now, right now, is a good time to join!

Indeed, it’s not only a good time to join, with budget cuts and worse directed at libraries in many states, it’s also imperative— now more than ever—to support your state library association’s efforts to advocate for and support libraries, librarians, and library workers within your state.

Your Chapter membership will also benefit you personally and professionally:

  • You’ll receive discounts for attending your state association’s annual conference;
  • You’ll enjoy networking with other students, librarians, and library workers;
  • You’ll be able to participate in opportunities to mentor students; and
  • You’ll learn about other opportunities and services available to you from your state library association!

Moreover, not only does your state library association promote general library service and librarianship within your state, it also provides representation to the Council of the American Library Association and cooperates in the promotion of general and joint enterprises with ALA and other library groups.

I’m sure you can think of other reasons to join. If you have questions, however, you can certainly contact your state library association. Find your state library association’s contact information on the State and Regional Chapters page. Here you will also find contact information for your state library association’s elected officials and advocacy information. Have more questions? See Chapter Answers.

If you’re a student, find out whether your state library association participates in the ALA joint membership program. Twenty-eight Chapters allow students to join the Chapter and ALA for one low price of $35, from now through August 31, 2014. (This price will increase to $38 beginning September 1, 2014.) Go green and join online today!

P.S. After joining your state library association, which will help you in your chosen field, if you’re a student, also join your Student Chapter! Here are many, many reasons why! Here is one more: Where Are Future ALA Leaders? Most Likely in the Fifty-six ALA Student Chapters! Have more questions? Here are some answers!.


Hi: I am a MLIS graduate student and joined the Maryland Library Association for $22. Am I still a member of ALA? Thank you, Cheryl Brown