Forty ALA Student Chapter Members to Participate in the 2015 Student to Staff Program

Forty American Library Association (ALA) student chapter members were nominated by their schools and were accepted to assist ALA staff during the 2015 ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco. In exchange for working 16 hours during the conference (4 hours a day), these students participating in the ALA Student to Staff Program receive free conference registration, housing, and a per diem for meal expenses.

During free time, students attend programs and participate in other conference activities. This year’s students are  (in alphabetical order by last name of student):

  • Sarah Breen—Simmons College (MA)
  • Jessica Bright—State University of New York, Buffalo (NY)
  • Constance Caddell—North Carolina Central University (NC)
  • Annamichelle Chovanec—Syracuse University (NY)
  • John Daquino—Rutgers, State University of New Jersey (NJ)
  • Leslie Drake—Texas Woman’s University (TX)
  • Allison Fantetti—University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee (WI)
  • Barbara Flohr—East Carolina University (NC)
  • Jessica Franco—University of Rhode Island (RI)
  • Veronica Furlong—University of Arizona (AZ)
  • Jennifer Gravley—University of Missouri (MO)
  • Kelly Grogg—University of Iowa (IA)
  • Elizabeth Hamilton—Dominican University (IL)
  • Karen Harper—Chicago State University (IL)
  • Erika Jenns—Indiana University (IN)
  • Martin Kass—Florida State University (FL)
  • Valerie Kerr—Clarion University (PA)
  • Lily Kosmicki—Valdosta State University (GA)
  • Kristina Kottenbrook—University of Michigan (MI)
  • Alexandra Kuskowski—University of British Columbia (BC)
  • Lauren Lancaster—University of Pittsburgh (PA)
  • Elizabeth Lieutenant—The Catholic University of America (DC)
  • Robert Manzo—University of North Carolina, Greensboro (NC)
  • Francesca Marineo—University of California—Los Angeles (CA)
  • Nicole Masullo—University of Oklahoma (Norman) (OK)
  • Missy McConnell—University of Denver (CO)
  • Kathryn Menten—University of Hawaii, Manoa (HI)
  • Rachel Murdock—Louisiana State University (LA)
  • Perlita Payne—San Jose State University (CA)
  • Edras Rodriguez-Torres—Wayne State University (MI)
  • Marla Ross—University of North Texas (TX)
  • Rebecca Roth—Drexel University (PA)
  • James Scholz—University of South Florida (FL)
  • Jeremy Selvidge—University of Texas—Austin (TX)
  • Kaia Sievert—St. Catherine University (MN)
  • Madison Sullivan—University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (IL)
  • Krista Suter—Emporia State University (KS)
  • Bryana Wachowicz—State University of New York, Albany (NY)
  • Rachael Wettenstein—Pratt Institute (NY)
  • Jessica Whipple—University of Southern Mississippi (MS)

The ALA student-to-staff program is available only at the Annual Conference. To qualify for this program, each student must be a current ALA member and a student chapter member, and cannot have previously participated in the program. Moreover, the student must remain an ALA member through the ALA Annual Conference that he or she is nominated to participate in. Qualifying students are chosen by their schools (e.g., by a random drawing, essay contest, etc.).

The chosen student’s name must be submitted to the Chapter Relations Office by the group’s faculty advisor. Only one student will be accepted per chapter.

Information on how to nominate a student is sent to the schools each year between October and December, and the deadline for submitting a name is between then and whenever 40 qualifying students are accepted into the program. Because there is only room for 40 students and there are 60 active student chapters, participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Currently there are 9,000 ALA student members. Are you an ALA student member without a student chapter? It’s easy to start one. ALA student members at the master’s level and beyond are eligible to form official ALA student chapter groups at schools offering ALA-accredited programs of library and information services, or a master’s degree with a specialty in school library media from an NCATE/AASL-accredited program.

Take a look at these student chapter constitutions and bylaws to give you an idea on how to organize a student chapter. Contact established student chapters for their feedback on creating a chapter, and what to do once you start one. Contact the ALA Chapter Relations Office for assistance, as well.

Belonging to an ALA student chapter enhances your ALA student membership by providing opportunities to learn and hone leadership skills and to design and accomplish programs, participate in community volunteer work, network with other ALA members and ALA leaders, and more.

If you establish your student chapter by next October, encourage your faculty advisor to nominate a student in your student chapter to participate in the ALA Student to Staff program. Point your faculty advisor to the background information below.

That student could be you!

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Background Information

Each Annual Conference ALA provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for 40 students engaged in ALA Student Chapters to participate in the Student-to-Staff Program (S2S). Established in 1973, S2S offers qualifying students the opportunity to attend an ALA Annual Conference and work behind-the-scenes with ALA staff. S2Sers in the program may attend meetings, programs, and other conference events in their spare time.

In exchange for working four hours per day at the conference from Friday through Monday (16 hours total), each participating student receives:

  • Free conference registration;
  • Free housing (sharing a hotel room with another S2Ser); and
  • A per diem for meal expenses.

To qualify for the Student-to-Staff Program, the student must be:

  • Each student must be a student chapter member;
  • Each student must be a current ALA member and remain an ALA member through the ALA Annual Conference that he or she is nominated to participate in;
  • Each student accepted cannot have previously participated in the program;
  • Yes, students are eligible if they graduate in May immediately before the conference.
  • ALA supports student members through a wide array of programs and services. ALA Spectrum Scholars receiving funds to attend a Spectrum Leadership Institute through their scholarship are not eligible to participate in the Student-to-Staff program for the Conference in conjunction with the Leadership Institute. Required attendance at the Institute and conference events precludes the work requirements of the Student-to-Staff program. Incoming Spectrum Scholars and alumni are encouraged to apply.


  • All students selected must be ALA members and current students during the 2015 ALA Annual Conference.
  • Each school has its own selection process, and the chosen student’s name must be submitted to ALA by the group’s faculty advisor. One student from 40 ALA Student Chapters will be accepted. Only one student per each of these ALA Student Chapters is accepted.

Transportation costs (such as airfare and cabs) are the students’ responsibility!

Students learn about the S2S program through an official e-mail sent to the ALA Student Chapter business e-list. Faculty advisors are asked to nominate their Chapter’s by a deadline. This deadline is very important since there are over 60 student chapters but only 40 available slots!

Faculty advisors no longer e-mail nominations. Instead, faculty advisors are asked to complete a five-minute-or-less survey asking for:

  • The name of the school;
  • The faculty advisor’s name and e-mail;
  • The nominee’s name and e-mail; and
  • Whether the nominee is an ALA student.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can participate in the Student-to-Staff Program at the 2016 Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, contact your ALA Student Chapter for its selection criteria and schedule.

For information about the process, contact Don Wood in the Chapter Relations Office. Remember, this program is available only at the Annual Conference. Once again, there are no volunteer opportunities at ALA Midwinter Meetings.

I cannot emphasize this point enough! There are over 60 ALA Student Chapters. After the message soliciting students to participate is sent, the first 40 nominees meeting the criteria are chosen to participate. All other nominees meeting the criteria are placed on a waiting list.

NOTE: Contact information found on the ALA Student Chapters Directory is used to contact the ALA Student Chapters each year about the Student-to-Staff Program. Each is responsible for helping ensure its own information is correct. Help ensure this information is correct by submitting corrections to Don Wood, Chapter Relations Office.

Interested? Contact your ALA Student Chapter for its selection criteria.

Your school doesn’t have an ALA Student Chapter? Learn How to start an ALA Student Chapter on the ALA Student Chapters website.

While you’re at it, visit Joint Membership Program to find out how to enjoy the benefits of joining both ALA and your state library association!

To learn more about ALA Student Chapters, visit ALA Student Chapters Answers.

Help spread the word about the Student to Staff Program!

Thanks! Don Wood