Map Collection Management Discussion Group 2009 annual a genda

ALA Annual 2009, Chicago
Sunday - July 12, 2009
1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Palmer House Hotel
LaSalle 3

1.  Welcome,brief introductions, and call for additional discussion topics.

2.  Barcoding maps
        a.  pros/cons
        b.  please bring your examples of current procedures utilized
        c.  other issues?

3.  Online tools developed to improve and/or create innovative ways to access map collections
        a.  example from NYPL
        b.  example from Univ. of Minnesota
        c.  other examples people would like to share?

4.  Potential collaborative map collection management projects
       a.  A geographic "catalog" of topographic map holdings in different libraries?  See the example of Harvard's Africa holdings on Africa Map

( and envision additional

information from multiple libraries.  Can we share georeferenced data for and digital images of index maps to provide some online information about map

sets without each of us redoing the same work?
       b.  Is there other data to support access tools that might be valued by your colleagues and easily shared?  Please bring your own ideas to the

table to discuss.

5.  Collecting GIS data
       a.  current strategies and policies utilized in your collections
       b.  providing access to free online content vs collections of purchased digital data - defining best practices for your collection
       c.  other issues?

6.  Other suggested topics from participants (as time permits).