Executive Board I 2009 annual agenda

July 11, 2009
Hyatt Regency McCormick, Conf. Ctr. 24

I. Welcome/Introductions/Announcements

II. Approval of Denver Midwinter 2009 minutes

III. Officer’s reports

A. Chair’s report: State of the Map and Geography Round Table 2009

B. Vice-Chair’s report: Round Table Coordinating Assembly

C. Past-Chair’s report:  Deferred to Exec. II

D. Treasurer’s report: Budget status

E. Secretary’s report

IV. New business/discussion

A. Proposal to create new officer position: Fund Raising Chair

B. Proposal to create new officer position: Marketing Chair

C. Proposal to create a task force for the revision/amendments to MAGERT’s Constitution, Bylaws, and Organizational Manual

D. Proposal to hold one program at Annual rather than two

E. Other