Cataloging and Classification Committee annual 2009 agenda

AGENDA, JULY 12, 2009

Palmer House Salon VIII

Sunday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm  - Cataloging Interest Group & Cataloging & Classification

Version of 7/7/2009

1.      Call to order - chair
2.      Introductions - all
3.      Membership – chair;
4.      base line cataloging editor report – Tammy Wong
5.      ALCTS CCS/MAGERT Cartographic Resources Cataloging Discussion Group report – Susan Moore
6.      CC:DA report, including RDA status – Mary Larsgaard
7.      ISBD report – Dorothy; replacement for GMD
8.      Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress cataloging report – Seanna
9.      MARBI report – Susan
10.     OCLC report – Jay

11.     Old business
a.      Possible preconference on early maps after RDA and DCRM© are issued in final form (?2011 in Washington?): Seanna, Carolyn, Nancy
b.      Report on RBMS and DCRM(C) – Nancy as RBMS liaison, or Seanna as DCRM(C) principal
c.      Cataloging of locally produced digital materials:Task Force on Cataloging Digital Geospatial Data, with emphasis on digital reproductions: Mary Larsgaard, Jorge Gonzalez, Tami Morse Gill, April Carlucci, Mary Jeanne Yuen.
d.      Genre terms for cartographic materials: Library of Congress initiative; cpso/genretimeline.pdf
e.      Filling in county coordinates for states on webpage; this occurred to me while I was doing some cataloging of individual counties in Texas; does anyone know of anywhere else these bounding-box coordinates for counties might exist? One can get centerpoints from GNIS. rts/magert/publicationsab/ publicationsa.cfm
•       AZ: Arizona County Coordinates
•       CA: R. Bruce Robertson, California County Coordinates, 1984
•       HI: Baldwin, James A., Hawaii County Coordinates: Including Major Islands and National Parks,1987
•       IL: Wenner, Alex and Marian Hunter, Illinois County Coordinates, 1985
•       IN: Baldwin, James A., Indiana County Coordinates, 1990
•       IA: Kohrt, Casey, Iowa County Coordinates, 2002
•       MI: McDonnell, Michael, Michigan County Coordinates (including public lands), 1989
•       MN: Olson, John A., Minnesota County Coordinates, 1991
•       MO: Wilson, Allen P., Missouri County Coordinates, 1988
•       NV: Nevada County Coordinates
•       OH: Collins, Evron S., Ohio County Coordinates, 1989
•       UT: Robertson, R. Bruce, Utah County Coordinates, 1984
•       WY: Walsh, Jim, Wyoming County Coordinates: Including National Parks and Monuments, and Wind River Indian Reservation, 1986

f.      Other old business?

12.     New business:
a.      MARBI Discussion Paper: MARC DISCUSSION PAPER NO. 2009-DP06/2
b.      Other new business?

13. Adjournment