2009 annual program II

Please join the Map and Geography Round Table (MAGERT) on Monday, July 13, 2009 for a presentation on research strategies. MAGERT members Chris Kollen of the University of Arizona, and Paige Andrew of Pennsylvania State University will describe the strategies they have used to develop research topics. The description of the event is as follows:

Need help with research ideas? Presenters will discuss  the development
of original ideas for research,  processes to get leaves approved,
management of projects, and finishing  projects on-time.  Specific
examples will showcase historic cartographic research projects, and
discuss challenges and successes with the research process along the
way.  Projects showcased include developing an extensive
carto-bibliography and creating a geodatabase, entitled, "Arizona
Historic Census Geodatabase : Providing Access to Historic Census Data"
and "19th Century Maps of Pennsylvania: A Cartobibliograpy."