Membership & Marketing Committee


Committee Members

Melissa Cardenas-Dow, University of Redlands
Colleen Conner, Esri
Mia Costa, Glendale Community College
Elizabeth Cox, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Roger Knouff, Arizona State University
Boris Michev, Cornell University
Bruce Obenhaus, Virginia Tech

Purpose, Membership, and Duties

Purpose.  To increase MAGIRT’s membership and support current members’ map and geospatial information-related work. The committee focuses on communicating to members and non-members about MAGIRT’s publications, programs, meetings, and events both online and in person. 

Membership.  Chair and at least two members. All Membership and Marketing Committee members must be members of ALA and of MAGIRT. Members of the Membership and Marketing Committee are expected to actively participate on projects and/or subcommittees, in discussion forums, and in an advocacy role for MAGIRT. The Chair also serves as MAGIRT representative to the ALA Membership Committee.

Duties. The Membership and Marketing Committee works to promote MAGIRT’s work through member outreach, publicizing MAGIRT’s meetings, workshops, and sponsored activities, and engaging members and potential members online and in-person.

Meetings. All Membership and Marketing Committee meetings are open to any member of ALA.