LLL ALA Annual Conference

You are invited to attend LSSIRT’s Steering Committee/Member Meeting at ALA’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas on Saturday, June 28, 2014 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Exact room location to be announced later. This meeting is open to all and we encourage Library Support Staff to attend this general membership meeting. 

LSSIRT Receives Donation from COLT

Due to waning participation over the last five years, the Council on Library/Media Technicians (COLT) has recently become inactive.  ALA-APA and LSSIRT were recently notified that COLT had a provision in their by-laws that any existing monies would go to ALA.  Jackie Lakatos, former COLT President and former ex-officio member of the LSSIRT Board, provided LSSIRT President Kareen Turner with a check for $2708.70.  The funds will be used to further the mission of LSSIRT.  Read the complete article at this link:

LSSIRT Receives Donation from COLT (pdf file)

Maggie Farrell, Candidate for ALA President

Read the complete Q&A response from Maggie at this link:

Maggie Farrell (pdf file)

Sari Feldman, Candidate for ALA President

Read the complete Q&A response from Maggie at this link:

Sari Feldman (pdf file)

LSSC Continues to Deliver Graduates!

The LSSRC Program has certified 23 support staff since the 2013 Annual Conference and 28 new candidates have joined.  There are 75 graduates; 46 who completed courses and/or portfolios and 29 that utilized the LTA recognition program.  Core subsidies of $200 were awarded to 35 candidates.  Read more at the ALA-APA website:


Congratulations to LJ's 2013 Paralibrarian of the Year, Laura Poe, ­Athens-Limestone Public Library (ALPL) in Athens, AL 

 Read the full article about Laura in Library Journal online