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Congratulations to Library Journal's 2016 Paralibrarian of the Year, Brown Biggers, University of North Carolina, Greensboro.   WashingtonWh.

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LSSIRT Receives Donation from COLT

Due to waning participation over the last five years, the Council on Library/Media Technicians (COLT) has recently become inactive.  ALA-APA and LSSIRT were recently notified that COLT had a provision in their by-laws that any existing monies would go to ALA.  Jackie Lakatos, former COLT President and former ex-officio member of the LSSIRT Board, provided LSSIRT President Kareen Turner with a check for $2708.70.  The funds will be used to further the mission of LSSIRT.  Read the full article on our News page:


To provide an arena within ALA for addressing a wide variety of issues of concern to library support staff, including but not limited to basic training programs, education, career development, job duties and responsibilities and other related issues for the purpose of fostering communication and networking among all levels of library personnel. To be responsible for the timely dissemination of information to local, regional, state and national support staff organizations.

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