Webinar Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in submitting an idea for a LLAMA Webinar. Please use this form to tell us about it. Completed forms will be sent to the chair of the Continuing Education Development Committee and the LLAMA Office. You will be contacted within a few weeks about the status of your proposal.

If your proposal is accepted by the CE Development Committee, the LLAMA staff will help guide you through the development process and help you become familiar with the GoToWebinar technology.

LLAMA Webinars are usually one hour to one and a half hours in length, with 40-60 minutes of presentation and 20-30 minutes of questions & answers. If your topic is very broad, consider narrowing it a bit or turning it into a series of webinars.

Topics should fall within at least one of the following areas:

  • Any of LLAMA's 14 Foundational Leadership Competencies:
    1. Communication skills
    2. Change management
    3. Team building (personnel)
    4. Collaboration and partnerships
    5. Emotional intelligence
    6. Problem solving
    7. Evidence-based decision making
    8. Conflict resolution (personnel)
    9. Budget creation and presentation
    10. Forward thinking
    11. Critical thinking
    12. Ethics
    13. Project management
    14. Marketing and advocacy
  • Leadership
  • Management and organization
  • Buildings and equipment
  • Fund raising and development
  • Human resources
  • Assessment
  • Marketing and communications
  • Technology management
  • Issues for new professionals

If you have any questions about this form or LLAMA webinars, please contact Fred Reuland at freuland@ala.org